VICIOUS by VE Schwab

4 Stars

This was one of the most unique books i’ve ever read. Total Palahniuk feel but a little gentler. I was hooked from the first line.

Eli and Victor are frenemies at a prestigious college. In an attempt to outdo one another on their thesis they create a monster. Or two. And then things sort of devolve.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks – how they ended up where they are in the present. The chapters are delightfully short (tiny chapters are one of my favorite things).

In everything i read i have a soft spot for the good guy. In this book i had a soft spot for no one. It was dark and creepy and funny and fascinating. It flowed beautifully. Each page left you dying to know what was going to happen next.

The book was also clever – definitely not written down to the lowest common denominator. I highly recommend this book as a palate cleanser. If you’re coming off of something heavy or just need a break in your usual genre you should pick this up. It won’t feel like the same ole same ole – i promise.

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