Licked by Brooke Blaine

What a fabulous surprise! I love the quirky romance – the light but not silly read. I dove into this one without reading the blurb bc I thought it would be some frivolous fun. And then I couldn’t put it down – finished this book in one delicious sitting.
Ryleigh runs a naughty ice cream parlor. At her 10 year reunion she runs into her HS crush and ends up sleeping at his. (During the first 10% of the book I almost gave up bc it was verging on silly – and I had no idea what was going on). Where she meets his roommate Hunter.
And this book is funny and sweet and charming and smart and adorable. Fucking stellar supporting cast. Really quirky adorkable heroine – who never did anything that made me want to smack her. Even the drama was perfect! I love the woo – and this book gave great woo. There was an awesome chase. Nothing was over the top. No one got too dramatic – even when they had reason. I swooned. I grinned. I worried (just the right amount). And i cheered. For me – for my likes – this book was absolutely perfect. Literally cannot wait for the next book in the series. Fantastic!

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