The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

I love Mariana Zapata’s heart – her sense of romance. It is incredibly respectful of love and of the process of falling in love and of her readers. I’ve read everything she’s written and will continue to do so.
Aiden Graves is a pro football player with something bordering on a personality disorder. He doesn’t like anyone. Vanessa is his assistant. He’s frosty and distant. She’s spunky. Vanessa quits working for Aiden to work for herself. Aiden decides he wants her back. This book is the story of Aiden and Vanessa becoming AidenAndVanessa.
Any Zapata reader will tell you she’s the queen of slow burn. There’s no insta-love. No immediate humping. No smoldering looks and stupid banter and awkward drunken airing of feelings. But most importantly there’s no lying. No games. No fucking other people. No gag-me drama. Zapata writes 2 characters that feel real. Damaged. Weird. Aggravating as fuck (I’m looking at you Aiden). But so likable. I never wanted to smack one of them. I never tossed the kindle aside in disgust. I have endless respect for the story that Ms Zapata tells – the story that lives inside her.
I wasn’t crazy about some of the writing. My recent reads have been non-romance. Really pared-down, tight writing. Going from that to romance was a little overwhelming. Romance feels like “words words words words words words words.” So much more tell-me than show-me. But if any author can help me make the transition from YA Fantasy to romance without wanting to give up and head back from whence I game (YA Fantasy is my favorite genre and my safe place) it’s Mariana Zapata with her funky characters and soothing writing.
Ps – if you haven’t read Kulti what are you even doing with your life?

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