The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

DNF at p55. I ran into a trifecta of trouble here, and I’m so bummed. I went into the first book in this series with no expectations – a little nervous bc it’s not something I’d usually read. And I fell in love with that book. The writing. The characters. The story. All were brilliant. Brilliant.
So I held off on book 2. I wanted to drag this series out a little. I was concerned I’d gallop through it bc I’d enjoy it so much.
Unfortunately from the first word it was a miss. The writing seemed silly. Forced. Nora didn’t feel true to herself. Now she’s all about a man. A man I couldn’t stand in the first book. The transition to Søren as romantic hero was grating. The Michael story line (which was a little weird in the first book – is now just creepy). There’s no Wes or Zach to balance it out. And then around page 50 I found a hard limit. A subject about which I cannot read and enjoy myself. Perhaps the book turned around after that – I have no doubt that Ms Reisz is an author who could pull off a huge save. She has talent in spades. But nothing about this book made me want to read another page.

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