An old review in anticipation of a new book

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz – bc i’m thinking of starting The Angel

I read this book Jan 14-15, 2016.

I’ll tell you that I’m an open-minded girl. Whatever floats your boat, and all that. But of course I have my prejudices. Preferences. And judgments. I also have my hard stops – at my parties there are no chips, dips, chains and whips. Ever. And I’m not down with the sharing. You love a fella. He loves you. It’s just that simple.
But this book was recommended to me by someone I trust implicitly. So without overthinking it I jumped in. I’m endlessly thankful I did.
Nora is a writer – among other things. Zach is her editor. Wesley is her neighbor. Søren is her priest. It’s that simple. And that complex.
The writing is superb. Out of this world. Nearly unparalleled. There were moments when I lifted my head surprised to find myself in my living room – shocked to realize it wasn’t real – Nora was so much more than a character.
The entire book reads like film noir. That’s a constant feeling of suspense. Waiting for it all to fall apart.
And then there are these startling moments of bliss. Just absolute beauty that you never saw coming. Breathtaking in their depth.
Nora was everything to me. She never had a crap moment. Strong. Funny. Smart. Sexy. Brave as fuck. Exactly what I want a heroine to be.
The fellas. Yes. I fell in love with one. Hated another. And then that all changed. While staying genuine. The characters came out to meet me. Showed me how wrong my assumptions were.
I sobbed at the end. Huge fat tears. I can’t wait to read the next book. This will be an all-time favorite – for the things i learned, the things I felt, and the prejudices I left behind.

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