Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray



This book is, essentially, chicken pot pie for a reader. Maybe meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Steamed veggies and rice if you’re vegetarian. It’s simple and easy and palatable. It makes you feel all warm and happy inside.

This is the story of Ruth – a homemaker whose orderly life goes a little haywire – in the way that a lot of orderly lives do. Ruth uses cakes to soothe and work out her frustrations. She’s pretty timid and very kind. When new responsibilities land on Ruth’s shoulders she has to step-up in ways that are uniquely her own.

This book was a little odd for me in that i didn’t connect with any character. They were a likable cast – but i didn’t see myself reflected anywhere. And the writing, while comfortable, never stopped me in my tracks. The story wasn’t one that i could relate to in that i could see it happening to me. But the magic of this book is despite all that i loved it. It was essentially a one-sitting read – only interrupted by family commitments. It’s also something i could see myself reading again when i wanted to be taken out of my own head – but not in an abrupt or demanding way.

This book felt like Eat, Pray, Love to me – except more accessible. Ruth’s life and problems felt realistic. She could easily be that friendly neighbor that you chat with when you see each other at the super market. I can heartily recommend this book to anyone that loves cooking, comfort, and a sweet easy read.

PS – there’s a bonus recipe section at the end of the book. You’re likely to need it bc if you can read this and not crave cake you’re stronger than i am.


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